CSE Committee

To work to ensure the safeguarding and welfare of children and young people who are being, or who are at risk of being exploited.


  • To develop an understanding of CSE in Northern Ireland as experienced by young people
  • To assist the Policy and Procedures Committee by identifying good practice
  • To report to the SBNI Board the delivery of the Marshall and Pinkerton Recommendations by SBNI member agencies.
  • There is a natural cross-over between this group and other SBNI committees.

For further information on child sexual exploitation, you can visit  the 'Safer to Know' site.


The Centre of Expertise on child sexual abuse (CSA) has collated many key messages from research. 

The aim of which is to increase professionals' confidence in taking appropriate action based on the current evidence.

For further details on this suite of information, including access to the briefing papers, click here.

CSE Resources

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Title Last updated
Briefing Paper No.2 14 April 2021 Download
CSE Briefing Paper 18 November 2020 Download
CSE Evaluation Report 2020 07 September 2021 Download
CSE Boys and Young Men Leaflet 17 November 2020 Download
CSE Boys and Young Men Poster 17 November 2020 Download
False Freedom Resources Booklet 18 November 2020 Download
CSE Guidance 18 November 2020 Download
Ministerial Direction CSE Thematic Review 20 November 2020 Download
National Referral Mechanism Guidance 20 November 2020 Download
CSE Carers 18 November 2020 Download
CSE Professionals Leaflet 18 November 2020 Download
CSE Children's Leaflet 15 February 2021 Download
Briefing Paper Number 3: Child Sexual Exploitation 14 April 2021 Download