Neglect Sub-Group

Protecting and safeguarding children from neglect.

Neglect is the failure to provide for a child and a young person’s basic needs. 

Neglect remains one of the most prevalent forms of child abuse and is likely to result in serious impairment of their development.

In 2016, the SBNI identified the issue of neglect as its theme for two years and set up the Neglect Sub-Group to address it. 

The SBNI  identified the issue of neglect to be one of their priorities for 2018-2022. Adverse Childhood Experiences were also identified.

The SBNI will address safeguarding through a trauma-informed approach in the search for better outcomes for children and young people. 

Neglect continues to be a major focus for the SBNI and is a Strategic Priorities for 2018/2022. 

Through the work of the multi-agency Neglect Sub-Group the SBNI addressed this issue.  

Within Northern Ireland, neglect continues to affect large numbers of children.

601 (23.7%) children registered under the category of Neglect in Northern Ireland (June 2020)

Neglect represents the second-highest category of children on the register.

The highest category on the register relates to physical abuse constituting 716 children.  

Neglect and Physical Abuse have the highest combined category with 552 children. 


The Strategy aims to help agencies in Northern Ireland work with children, young people and their parents to take action to prevent, reduce and manage the effects of neglect on children.

The Sub-Group works with the SBNI Early Intervention Transformation Programme work on Adverse Childhood Experiences.

The focus during 2019-2020 has been ensuring the issue of Neglect is addressed by the Safeguarding Panels at a local level. 

Each Panel has Neglect as ongoing discussions on how agencies are working together through their 'Neglect Action Plans'. 


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