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Publications and helpful resources

This page will provides you with helpful resources and useful links to reading material, guidance and trauma informed practice research


ACE Networks  
Building a Trauma Informed Nation in NI click here
Northern Ireland Regional ACE Reference Group click here
NHS - ACE Aware Nation in Scotland  click here
Public Health Wales - ACEs in Wales click here
Northern Ireland ACE Conference Report (2019) click here
Queens University Belfast Evidence Review of Trauma Informed Practice  
Evidence Review - Developing Trauma informed Practice in Northern Ireland - Full Report click here
Key messages summary report click here
The Child Welfare System report   click here 
The Education System report  click here
The Health and Mental Health Care System report click here
The Justice System report click here
Literature of Trauma Informed Practice  
SAMSHA Concept of Trauma and Guidance for a Trauma Informed Approach click here
SAMSHA Working Definition of Recovery click here
Early Intervention Foundation: Cost of Late Intervention in Northern Ireland click here
University of Ulster: The mediating role of various types of social networks on psychopathology following adverse childhood experiences click here
University of Ulster: ACEs among university students, and the relationship with lifetime mood and anxiety disorder click here
Lancet Public Health Report: The effect of multiple adverse childhood experiences on health: a systematic review and meta-analysis  click here
Bellis et al (2018) ACEs and Sources of Childhood Resilience click here
Larkin et al (2014) Social Work and ACE Research: Implications for Practice and Health Policy click here
Biglan et al (2017) Evolving a more nurturing society to prevent ACEs click here
House of Commons: First 1001 days report (2019) click here
House of Commons: Evidence based early years interventions (2017-19) click here
Ellis et al (2017) A New Framework for Addressing ACEs and Community Experiences click here
Early Intervention Foundation: The cost of late intervention in NI research (2018) click here
Institute of Education (2019) - What helps to support people affected by Adverse Childhood Experiences? A review of evidence click here
Trauma Specific Literature  
Parental Mental Health: So your think your mum or dad has a mental illness? Child version click here 
Parental Mental Health: So you think your mum or dad has a mental illness? Teenager version click here
Chrysalis Partnership - Connections: Helping our Children Feel Connected click here 
Chrysalis Partnership - Bouncing Back: Building Resilience in Young People click here
Stress, Trauma and Your Brain: Part One click here
Stress, Trauma and Your Brain: Ideas for Healing click here
Alcohol and You NI: Parents and Alcohol click here
Trauma Informed Care in the Homelessness Sector - Homeless Link click here 
Lasher et al (2017) Implementation of Trauma Informed Care in a Housing First Model for Intimate Partner Violence click here
Homeless Hub Canada - A Trauma Informed Practice Guide & TIP Organisational Checklist  click here

Bellis et al (2019) - Life course health consequences and associated annual costs of adverse childhood experiences across Europe and North America: a systematic review and meta-analysis

click here
Training Tools  
NI ACE Animation click here
Barnardo's NI Life Changers Video click here
EITP Trauma Informed Practice Project Report Cards  
Trauma Informed Practice Project Report Card 1 - April-June 2019 click here