Age Restrictions Top Tips

Setting age restrictions on a tablet or phone is one of the best, simplest and quickest ways to ensure that your child can only access age-appropriate content. You should always apply the restrictions appropriate to their age and lock those restrictions in place before giving a child a new phone or tablet.

Age Restrictions on an iPad or iPhone

  • Go to the general settings of the iPhone or iPad they use.
  • Enable restrictions.
  • Create a PIN so a child cannot bypass the device restrictions.

You can now apply age-appropriate restrictions to films, TV programmes, books, Siri, websites and more.

Age Restrictions on other mobile devices

  • Login to the Play Store on the device.
  • Click settings.
  • Turn parental controls on.
  • Select the maximum age restriction you are happy for your child to download. 
  • Set a 4-digit PIN to lock the restrictions.

Your child is now restricted in what they download onto their device.

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