Committees/Sub groups

The SBNI is made up of a number of Committees responsible for undertaking and overseeing different areas of the Board’s work, with membership representing the breadth of agencies working with children and young people.

Under legislation SBNI are required to establish:

  1. Five Independently Chaired Safeguarding Panels – Belfast, Northern, South Eastern, Southern and Western;
  2. A Case Management Review panel; 
  3. A Child Death Overview panel;
  4. Safeguarding Panels.

The SBNI also has a number of other Committees including:

  1. Policies and Procedures;
  2. Child Protection Sub-Group;
  3. Interfaith Sub-Group;
  4. CSE Sub-Group;
  5. e-Safety;
  6. Female Genital Mutilation (FGM);
  7. Neglect.