Interfaith E-Learning Package


Interfaith’s Young Adult Group’s Safeguarding e-learning programme.

Interfaith Safeguarding e learning programme

Introducing Interfaith’s Young Adult Group’s Safeguarding e learning programme. This programme was developed by a group of young leaders within the faith sector for new leaders with children and young people within the faith sector.

It is not intended that this programme should replace other mandatory safeguarding training provided by the Church or other sector organisations. It is designed to provide basic knowledge  before undertaking formal training with in their own setting.

For various reasons, sometimes hearing about child safeguarding issues can cause people to become upset. This is normal. If listening to the information on this e-Learning course cause you any distress please do look after yourself. If you feel you need to, stop the course; you can always go back to it, if necessary. If you need any support as a result of this please talk to your Safeguarding person within your organisation.

Contact Details

Below is the contact Details for the NSPCC should you seek further help:

Telephone: 020 7825 2505            Email: [email protected]

Download the package

This is the link for delgates to complete registration for account following submission the college will email link for access.