Level 2 Developing Trauma Sensitive Practice


Level 2 builds upon learning from Level 1 and is designed for workforces who have contact with the children or adults who may have experienced adversities in childhood or trauma in adult life and have been impacted by those experiences.

What does it include?

  • Definition of trauma
  • The 4 Rs - realise, recognise, resist retraumatising and respond using an ACE aware trauma sensitive approach integrating knowledge into policies, procedures and practices, settings and culture
  • The impact trauma can have on the developing brain
  • Behaviour as communication
  • Using a trauma lens
  • Animation TIP for the workforce(NHS Scotland)-developing TI skills in our practice
  • Resilience and building resilience
  • Secondary and vicarious trauma and their potential impact
  • Self-care, organisational support for workers and community support

How long will it last?

40 minutes

Register for the course

How to register depends on your sector: