VIRTUAL REALity: Online Safety Awareness Training


Child with tablet - Igor Starkov Image from Unsplash

VIRTUAL REALity' is an online awareness raising programme that provides the key e-safety messages to pass on to children and young people aged 5-18 years and adults who are in contact with children and young people in a caring, professional or voluntary capacity.

The programme consists of a series of e-safety presentations designed for three age groups:

  • Primary school age
  • Post primary school age
  • Adults including parents, guardians, leaders and any adult involved in working with children and young people

The programme has been adopted by the SBNI and is their endorsed E-safety training package. This is also decreed as the PSNI corporate E-safety package.

The presentations are based on the risks of using social media and the internet. It is not a technical lesson. The following key subjects will be covered regardless of the device or application used:

  • Privacy & location
  • Cyberbullying
  • Gaming
  • Social media
  • Selfies
  • Sexting
  • Age of consent
  • Abusive images of children
  • Webcams

The programme includes signposts to other helpful resources, advice regarding disclosure and how to deal with the situation. For more information click below:

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