Safeguarding and Protecting Children and Young People during the COVID-19 Pandemic

21 April 2021


The SBNI has used theatrical plays, performed in schools, youth settings and to a wide range of professional groupings, to educate, inform and raise awareness across the themes of child sexual exploitation, online safety, neglect, children and young people’s mental health and exposure to domestic violence and abuse within the home.

The SBNI in conjunction with accessing new initiatives from AlterEgo Creative Solutions Ltd has brought two plays back to Northern Ireland between March and June 2021 for primary and post-primary pupils. 

What's it about?

The primary school play focuses on online safety, safe internet use and cyber bullying in an age-appropriate and fun way. 

The post-primary play concentrates on the adverse childhood experiences of neglect, mental health and the experience of living in a household where domestic violence and abuse is present. The play examines the effects of such associated trauma on children and young people's development and how early intervention strategies can improve outcomes, aiding prevention and recovery through a hope and resilience model. 

What's happening?

From now and until the end of the school term in June 2021, all primary and post-primary schools will be able to access the plays as many times as each deems necessary. This opens up the possibility that over 1000 schools and over 340,000 pupils in Northern Ireland can potentially hear and see these key safeguarding messages. 

Our Commitment

The SBNI continues to work hard to ensure that important safeguarding and child protection messages continue and are conveyed in a safe and secure manner, compliant with all current COVID-19 restrictions. 

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