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Protecting and safeguarding children from neglect

Neglect is the failure to provide for a child and young person’s basic needs. Neglect remains one of the most prevalent forms of child maltreatment and is likely to result in the serious impairment of a child and young person’s health or development.

In 2016, the SBNI identified the issue of neglect as its theme for two years and set up the Neglect Sub-Group to address the issue. The SBNI has identified the issue of neglect as one of its strategic priorities for 2018-2022, and is one of the Adverse Childhood Experiences which will be addressed by the SBNI through the adoption of trauma-informed approach to safeguarding in the search for better outcomes for children and young people.

Neglect Newsletter

Neglect Newsletter Issue 1, Feb. 2017

Neglect Newsletter Issue 2, Sept. 2017

Neglect Newsletter Issue 3, Jan. 2019




A very successful multi-disciplinary/agency Neglect Conference took place on 5th April 2017 in the Southern Safeguarding Panel area.

The Keynote Speaker was Professor Jan Horwath (Professor Emeritus University of Sheffield). A range of workshops were held during the event.

The focus of the Conference was on the challenges of identifying and working with neglect, the consideration of the child's and parent’s experience and on using the lived experience of the carers to establish capacity to not only change but maintain change.

Presentations from some of the key note speakers and the workshops have kindly been made available and can be accessed below:


Safeguarding Board for Northern Ireland Neglect Strategy

Neglect has been identified as an SBNI theme from 2016. The Neglect Sub-group was set up and one of its tasks was to develop a Neglect Strategy for Northern Ireland. This Strategy has been approved by the SBNI Board. The Neglect Strategy aims to help agencies in Northern Ireland who are involved with children, young people and parents to take actions to prevent, reduce and manage effects of neglect on children and families. We know that early recognition, timely and effective responses to neglect is vital in providing families with the help they need.

The work plan developed by the Neglect Sub-group will support the work of the SBNI and outlines how the Strategy will be taken forward.

SBNI's Multi-Agency Neglect Strategy  2018-2022

SBNI Neglect Appendix data