Northern Ireland ACE Animation

15 May 2019

The NI ACE Animation has been developed as part of a suite of training resources through the EITP Trauma Informed Practice Project that is being led through the Safeguarding Board for Northern Ireland. The ACE Animation forms the basis of raising awareness of adverse childhood experiences in Northern Ireland and how you can be the change to support children, their families or adults impacted by childhood adversity.


To access the NI ACE Animation please visit one of the following viewing options:

NI ACE Animation - Vimeo with subtitles -

NI ACE Animation - Vimeo without subtitles -

NI ACE Animation - YouTube with subtitles -

NI ACE Animation - YouTube without subtitles -


Barnardos Lifechangers Project NI - Participation of Children and Young People

Through the EITP Trauma Informed Practice Project, Barnardo's NI have been working with children and young people who are currently receiving support through the Barnardos services and programmes. Young people in care, children with a disability, refugee families, young carers and many more worked with the SBNI and Barnardos from January to March 2019 through a six week life changers project to explore what their needs are, who supports them when they are experiencing distress and how they are made to feel. A short video production brought together the findings of this work that is being applied to inform the development of the SBNI EITP Trauma Informed Practice Project Training and Resources.

To view the Life Changers Project NI short video production click here