Northern Safeguarding Neglect Conference: local launch of the Safeguarding Board for Northern Ireland’s Neglect Strategy

19 Dec 2018

A very successful neglect conference was held by the Northern Area Safeguarding Panel on Wednesday 12th September, 2018 at the Ross Park Hotel, Kells.

The event was opened Ms Veronica Callaghan, Interim Director, NHSCT and Ms Bernie McNally, Independent Chair, SBNI

The main speakers were:

  • Emeritus Professor Jan Howarth, who presented on 'Working with neglectful families to achieve positive outcomes'
  • Dr Jenny Molloy, who presented on 'The reality of being invisible: a childhood neglected'
  • Ms Lynne Peyton, who presented the learning from a recent Case Management Review
  • A parent, who gave a reflection from a parent's perspective.

A number of workshops took place on the following:

  • Neglect and the Legal Perspective
  • Mouth Matters- management of dental neglect in childhood: the role of dentists and doctors
  • Multi-disciplinary assessment of neglect- the role of the Graded Care Profile and community paediatricians
  • The Power of Positive Educators: a service user, social work and teacher perspective
  • When does neglect become a crime? The role of PPS and the PSNI in addressing neglect

Mr John Fenton, Assistant Director, NHSCT closed the event.

Presentations from the event are available below:

The Power of Positive Edcucators

Mouth Matters

Multi-disciplinary assessment of neglect

PSNI presentation

Meeting the medical needs of neglect and emotional abuse in children