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Policy and Procedures Committee


 To enhance the safety and welfare of children and young people by developing and revising Child Protection and Safeguarding Policies and Procedures, on a multi-agency basis.


1. Develop Policy & Procedures which will contribute to the objectives set in the SBNI’s 3 year Strategic Plan.

2. Fulfil the policy and procedural requirements contained in the Departmental Guidance relating to the creation of the SBNI.

3. Review individual policy and procedures identified by professional staff as being ambiguous or unhelpful.

4. Following the conclusion of the current Departmental review of policies, produce a revised Regional Policy and Procedures, which reflects the changes in thinking and practice contained in the Department’s revision of Cooperating to Safeguard Children.

5. Agree with the Member Agencies a dissemination process for the revised document.

Revised Regional Core Child Protection Policies and Procedures for Northern Ireland launched and now operational

The revised Regional Core Child Protection Policies and Procedures were launched by the SBNI on 28 November 2017. These are now accessible on an e-based platform at the following link http://www.proceduresonline.com/sbni/ and are operational as of 15 December 2017. They replace the Area Child Protection Committee Regional Policies and Procedures April 2005.

Two documents are available to assist your understanding of the changes:

  1. Regional Core Child Protection Policies and Procedures - What are the Main Differences?’ which contains information about the main differences in the revised Core Policies and Procedures from the previous ACPC policies and procedures
  2. ‘Top Tips for Using the Procedures Manual’ which contains information for staff and organisations on how to access the Regional Core Policies and Procedures on the e-based platform.

If you wish to highlight any implementation issues, please contact the SBNI at SBNI.Info@hscni.net

Comments from the Independent Chair of the SBNI

Comments from some of our Member Agencies


The Northern Ireland General Practice Committee (NIGPC) has worked with the Directorate of Integrated Care at the Health and Social Care Board (HSCB) with the support of the Safeguarding Board for Northern Ireland to produce the attached “Generic” Practice Safeguarding Policy with appendices for General Practitioners (GPs). It is intended to act as a basic policy document for General Practice in matters relating to safeguarding of children. These are set under the umbrella of the SBNI Child Protection Core Policies and Procedures https://www.proceduresonline.com/sbni/

These include: