Trauma Informed Practice Committee

The SBNI Strategic Plan 2022-2026 sets the direction for the next 4 years in which the SBNI commits to building on its work and to drive forward and embed a trauma informed approach to underpin all of its work to safeguard children and young people. This work is being taken forward by a Trauma Informed Practice (TIP) Committee formed in 2022.  The TIP implementation managers will continue to support member and partner agencies to embed a sustainable transformation model of Trauma Informed Practice building on existing knowledge of Adverse Childhood Experiences and Trauma Informed Practice.

The TIP committee meet on a quarterly basis and includes representation from HSC Trusts, Education Authority (schools & youth service), PSNI, PHA, SPPG, Probation, Youth Justice Agency, Councils, NIGALA, and the community and voluntary sector.  

The SBNI acknowledges that recognising and responding to the imprints of childhood adversity and trauma, will remain an integral part of achieving better outcomes for children and their families across NI and that trauma informed practice can only happen in the context of trauma informed environments, policies, systems and organisations.