Our Board members

The following agencies are represented on SBNI Board

  • Bernie McNally

    Bernie McNally

  • Brendan Whittle

    Brendan Whittle

    Director Social Care and Children
    Strategic Planning and Performance Group
  • Colm McCafferty

    Colm McCafferty

    Director of Children and Young People Services
    Southern Health and Social Care Trust
  • Tom Cassidy

    Tom Cassidy

    Director of Women & Children's Services
    Western Health and Social Care Trust
  • Kerrylee Weatherall

    Kerrylee Weatherall

    Interim Director of Children's Community Services
    Belfast Health and Social Care Trust
  • Lyn Preece

    Lyn Preece

    Director of Children's Services & Executive Director of Social Work
    South Eastern Health and Social Care Trust
  • Maura Dargan

    Maura Dargan

    Divisional Director of Women, Children and Families Division Executive Director of Social Work
    Northern Health and Social Care Trust
  • Emily Roberts

    Emily Roberts

    Safeguarding Nurse Consultant
    Public Health Agency
  • Naoimh White

    Dr Naoimh White

    GP Representative
  • Una Turbitt

    Una Turbitt

    Interim Director
    Education Authority
  • Image of Amanda Stewart.

    Amanda Stewart

    Chief Executive and Accounting Officer
    Probation Board Northern Ireland
  • Anthony McNally

    Anthony McNally

    Chief Superintendent
    Police Service for Northern Ireland
  • Avatar

    Mary Aughey

    Youth Justice Agency
  • Image of Dawn Shaw

    Dawn Shaw

    Chief Executive Officer
    Children's Court Guardian Agency for Northern Ireland
  • Heather Moore

    Heather Moore

    Chief Executive Officer of Lisburn and Castlereagh Council
    Solace Northern Ireland
  • Bronagh Muldoon

    Bronagh Muldoon

    Assistant Director
  • Michele Janes

    Michele Janes

  • Lorna Ballard

    Lorna Ballard

    Action for Children
  • Paddy Mooney

    Paddy Mooney

    Include Youth
  • Pauline Leeson

    Pauline Leeson

    Chief Executive
    Children in Northern Ireland
  • Paddy Kelly

    Paddy Kelly

    Children’s Law Centre
  • Image of Jackie Montgomery Devlin

    Dr Jacqui Montgomery-Devlin

    Head of Safeguarding – Presbyterian Church
  • Gerry Guckian

    Gerry Guckian

    Independent Lay Member
  • Simon Rogers

    Simon Rogers

    Independent Lay Member
  • Andrew Thomson

    Andrew Thomson

    Independent Chair CMR
  • Mary Rafferty

    Mary Rafferty

    Independent Panel Chair

Meeting schedule

  • 2022

    • Wednesday 16 February 2022
    • Wednesday 13 April 2022
    • Wednesday 15 June 2022
    • Wednesday 14 September 2022
    • Wednesday 07 December 2022
  • 2023

    • Wednesday 15 February 2023
    • Wednesday 19 April 2023
    • Wednesday 14 June 2023
    • Wednesday 13 September 2023
    • Wednesday 06 December 2023
  • 2024

    • Wednesday 14 February 2024
    • Wednesday 17 April 2024
    • Wednesday 12 June 2024
    • Wednesday 11 September 2024
    • Wednesday 04 December 2024