Child Sexual Exploitation

Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) is a type of sexual abuse where children and young people (boys or girls) are tricked or forced into taking part in sexual activity for something in return. 

The ‘something’ could include things like attention, love, food, cigarettes, drugs, alcohol or money. These things can be given in exchange for performing sexual activities. Children and young people are often tricked into believing that they are agreeing to what they are being asked to do or that they're in a loving relationship. This is called ‘grooming’.  They may trust their abuser and not understand that they're being abused.

Some of the warning signs that a young person may be at risk of being exploited include:

  • Having a much older boyfriend or girlfriend
  • Being asked to keep secrets by this person
  • Receiving calls/messages from people you don’t really know, asking to meet up
  • Misusing alcohol or drugs
  • Being given money, alcohol, drugs or nice presents
  • Staying out late or going missing for long periods of time
  • Being persuaded to get involved in crime
  • Sexual behaviour that is not appropriate for your age.

Telling someone helps!

Where can I go for help?