Child Trafficking and Exploitation

Child trafficking is when young people are tricked, forced or persuaded to leave their homes and are moved and then exploited, forced to work or sold.

What is child trafficking and exploitation?

Child trafficking and exploitation are types of child abuse.

Children and young people can be trafficked into the UK from other countries, and also within their own country to a different town or village, or within the same town or village. Those who traffic others could work alone, be part of a small group or a large organised group.

If you’ve experienced child trafficking and are being exploited it can be really hard to recognise what’s happening. You may feel trapped and like you have to do something you’re uncomfortable with or don’t want to do. 

Some of the things you could be forced to do are:

Signs of exploitation

Some of the ways someone might trick you into doing something might include:

  • Giving you nice things and then telling you that you owe them
  • Organising for you to be robbed of a drugs package and then telling you that you owe them
  • Having control of your identification documents or money
  • Blackmailing you because they have sexual videos or pictures of you
  • Threatening you or your family.

Telling someone helps!

Where can I go for help?