Every child and young person has the right to be looked after properly. If you’re not getting the important things you need at home, it could be that you are being neglected.

What is neglect?

There’s a difference between things we want and things we need. Some people might want a new games console or a new phone but these aren’t things you need. You need things like:

  • Clean, warm clothes
  • Enough to eat and drink
  • Protection from dangerous situations
  • Somewhere warm, dry and comfortable to sleep
  • Help when you're ill or you've been hurt
  • Love and care from your parents or carers
  • Support with your education
  • Access and help with medication, if needed.

Your parents or carers should make sure you have these things.

You also shouldn't have to spend a lot of time looking after other people in your family without getting any support from an adult.

If you have a disability you should also be supported in whatever extra ways you need.

There could be lots of reasons why you are being neglected. Your family may be doing their best. But they might just not have enough money. Maybe someone who looks after you has a problem with alcohol or drugs. Or maybe they are having problems with their physical or mental health.

Whatever is happening, it is not your fault and you can get help.


Where can I go for help?