Child Protection Committee

The Child Protection Committee was established in 2017 by SBNI following a recommendation in the Jay report.


The purpose of the SBNI Child Protection Committee is to ensure statutory partners meet regularly to review and analyse a range of child protection information available to them in order to provide collective assurance to the SBNI Board of the effectiveness of the child protection system.  Members will report to the SBNI Board on the work of the committee so that this work can inform the priorities for the SBNI Board Strategic and Annual Business Plans. 


  • Attend meetings regularly and contribute to discussions and analysis;
  • Cooperate and share information with other members so that objectives are achieved; 
  • Consult and inform others, including senior managers and practitioners within their organisation, about the work and progress;
  • Report back about progress in relation to agreed actions; and
  • Contribute, and nominate others at the appropriate level, to the work of any required task and finish groups.


The group is chaired by a Director of Women & Children's Services, WHSCT.  Membership comprises representatives from the five Health and Social Care Trusts and;

  • Children's Court Guardian Agency for Northern Ireland
  • Education Authority Northern Ireland (EANI)
  • Police Service Northern Ireland (PSNI)
  • Probation Board Northern Ireland (PBNI)
  • Public Health Agency (PHA)
  • Strategic Planning and Performance Group of the Department of Health (SPPG)
  • Youth Justice Agency (YJA)