Age Restrictions - Top Tips for Professionals

Where schools provide access to iOS technology (Apple iPads) ICT staff should set age appropriate restrictions prior to issuing the devices to children.

Parents and guardians should enable age-appropriate limits on the apps that children can download by activating the restrictions within the general settings of the iPhone or iPad they use.

Age-appropriate restrictions can be applied to films, TV programmes, books, Siri, websites and more.

When a parent sets up the age restrictions function, the phone will ask them to create a PIN. Once they set a PIN to lock the restrictions they've made, their child will not be able to bypass them on that particular device.

Parents should strive to apply these restrictions before giving younger children the device and remember to keep the pin secret. 

If a child has an Android phone or tablet, the Apps they download can be restricted by logging into the Play Store on each device that they have access to.

This can be done by selecting the maximum age restriction for content or access appropriate for that child.

The child cannot undo this if the parent or carer has set a 4-digit PIN to lock the restrictions.