Children and Young People

children playing

Welcome to the Children and Young People section of the Safeguarding Board for Northern Ireland

If you are a child or young person, this part of the website is for you.

The Government here believes that everyone is responsible for making sure that our children and young people (you) are kept safe. Lots of different organisations are working to protect children – we think they can do an even better job if they work together; so we have set up a Safeguarding Board.

The person in charge of the Safeguarding Board is called a Chairperson – they are independent (they don’t belong to the government or to any of the organisations that make up the Safeguarding Board) and they have the power to make sure that the top people in lots of different agencies work together to keep children safe.

The Department of Health is in charge of making sure that the Safeguarding Board works well, and has given guidance on how they should go about their work. This is a summary of that guidance.

the job of the safeguarding board