Understanding your Wellbeing in High Pressure Environments

About this course

In your job in the Police, you can experience more trauma than most people. Most people experience trauma in the form of loss, bereavement or illness. However, the particular nature of your work means that you are more likely to experience a range of potentially traumatic situations.

These might be in the form of a particular one off trauma or a build-up of difficult situations. Understanding more about how trauma affects people and how people recover from it may be helpful to you and your wellbeing.

What does it include?

  1. Trauma and wellbeing
  2. Going through a traumatic experience
  3. Trauma memories
  4. Recognising trauma
  5. Our feelings
  6. Containment
  7. Communicating feelings
  8. Anxiety and depression
  9. Processing trauma
  10. Recovering from trauma
  11. Trauma in the general population
  12. Organisational trauma

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