Education Minister announces largest roll out of Trauma Informed Practice within Education in Northern Ireland

24 November 2021

Children with the education minister in NI holding a drawing captioned 'future'

Education Minister Michele McIlveen has announced the largest launch of Trauma Informed Practice within the Education Sector in Northern Ireland. Developed by the Safeguarding Board for NI, Trauma Informed Practice increases our understanding of the impact of Trauma and Adverse Childhood Experiences on a person’s life outcomes, coping responses and relationships with others.

This training will create an opportunity for the entire education sector workforce of approximately 60,000 staff members to improve their understanding of trauma and it’s long lasting impact. This includes over 20,000 teachers and approximately 40,000 support staff working in schools and the Education Authority across Northern Ireland.

We are delighted to have worked with the Education Minister and Education Authority with the implementation of Trauma Informed Practice in schools across NI.

For further information on the launch of Trauma Informed Practice in schools visit: Trauma Informed Practice training to support children and young people launched | Department of Education (


For further information on Trauma Informed Practice and ACE Awareness please visit: ACEs and Trauma Informed Practice (

Image of Education Minister NI alongside  professionals for the roll of of Trauma Informed Practice