Solihull Understanding Trauma Online Learning Course

The Safeguarding Board for Northern Ireland (SBNI) have commissioned a two year licence with the Solihull Approach to enable professionals across Northern Ireland to complete the online ‘Understanding Trauma’ course. This is a FREE course following on from the Solihull Understanding Attachment course and will be available from November 2019 until November 2021.

About the course

You will find this course extremely informative whether you work with children or adults. It is particularly effective if you have completed EITP Trauma Informed Practice Level One and Two training sessions and will build upon the knowledge and skills accrued through those courses.

Since this programme went live in November 2019, we have had over 400 professionals from across all sectors register and become active learners of the Solihull Understanding Trauma Online Course. This is proving to be an invaluable learning tool for staff.

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Who can complete this course

This course is available to anyone who has completed the Solihull Understanding Attachment Course and/or who has completed the EITP TIP Project Trauma Informed Practice Project. You may also choose to complete this course if your job role is relevant to the subject matter.

How to get started

An access guidance document has been attached that outlines the steps to setting up your account and getting started with the online training course.

We have also summarised this in 6 simple steps below to get you started:

  1. Register for an account at (Or sign in if you already have an account as a parent please review the guidance document to switch this to a professional account)
  2. Select > Unlock your courses for professionals
  3. Select > Complete Application
  4. Select Click here to buy course or Use the Access Code 
  5. Enter the Access Code > BeTheChangeNI and click on the green buttons
  6. Start the Course

If you have issues with getting set up or during your course modules please contact the Solihull Technical Support Team by email or telephone 0121 296 4448 Mon-Fri 9am – 5pm.

For all other queries contact the EITP Trauma Informed Practice Project Team at 02895 361 810

Other Solihull opportunities for Parents & Parents to Be

The Public Health Agency and Solihull Approach are providing a FREE online parenting course for parents, parents to be, grandparents and carers.

This course will provide users with information on the developmental and emotional milestones for understanding your child. The course sessions will include;

  • interactive activities
  • quizzes
  • video clips
  • practical handouts
  • other parents’ views
  • ideas to try with your children
  • summaries

To find out more download the information flyer to share with your parents, parents to be, grandparents or carers.


  • Solihull Parenting Course for Northern Ireland

    Solihull Parenting Course for Northern Ireland.pdf