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Case Management Review Panel

Section 3(4) of the Safeguarding Board (NI) Act 2011 provides for a Case Management Review (CMR) function and the establishment for a CMR Panel to undertake the CMR function on the SBNI's behalf.

The CMR Panel membership is also set out in Regulations and shall include the following membership:

  • A Chair appointed in accordance with legislation;
  • A person nominated from each of the following:
    • The Regional Health and Social Care Board;
    • The Police Service of Northern Ireland;
    • The Probation Board for Northern Ireland;
    • The Youth Justice Agency;
    • An Education and Library Board;
    • A Paediatrician;
    • A Designated Nurse for Safeguarding Children and
    • An Assistant Director of Children’s Services of a HSC Trust.

Membership can be added to the Panel by seeking approval from the SBNI Chair. 

The Safeguarding Board for Northern Ireland has developed Case Management Review Multi-Agency Practice Guidance, which can be accessed here.

To view the official CMR notification form, please click here.


Learning from Case Management Reviews

The Safeguarding Board for Northern Ireland's has published a series of learning memo's from the SBNI Case Management Reviews

Further reading and learning material has been provided below in the attachements below

  • Learning from the SBNI CMR Dissemination Event (2019) - click here 
  • Learning from the SBNI CMR Dissemination Event (2017) - click here


CMR Executive Summary Reports