Parents and Carers

“The primary responsibility of safeguarding children and young people and promoting their welfare rests with their parents or carers. They provide help, support and protection to their children. Extended family, friends, neighbours and the wider community can help parents and carers to safeguard and promote the welfare of children”.
(Co-operating to Safeguard Children and young People, 2016)

If you are a child who is being abused or neglected, or think another child is, please click on the Children and Young People area on this website.

Patterns of family life vary and there is no one, perfect way to bring up children. Good parenting involves caring for children’s basic needs, keeping them safe and showing them warmth and love. It also means providing the stimulation needed for their development and helping them achieve their full potential, within a stable environment where they experience consistent guidance and boundaries.

As a parent, carer, neighbour, teacher or anyone in contact with children and families you may at times have concerns about the welfare of a child. These could be concerns about their development, appearance or behaviour which may indicate signs of abuse.